BoneDynamics Free : Bone physics for blender

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BoneDynamics Lite is a free blender addon that allows you to add physics to bones.

You can check out the pro version using this link :


  • Bones react to movement and collision.
  • Super easy to setup.
  • Ability to stretch bones.
  • Ability to make a bone chain.
  • Easy to tweak (it uses soft body under the hood).

How to use:

1 / Bone-parent mode:

- In pose mode, select the bone you want to apply physics to, and a parent that will serve as a pivot point, and hit add bone dynamics.

NB: The parent is always the active bone (the brighter bone) of the selection

NB2: This mode will be active only if you select exactly 2 bones. A child bone and a parent bone.

2/ Bone-chain mode:

If you have multiple bones that are connected to each other like in the cover, you can select them and select one last bone that will serve as the main parent of the chain, and hit add bone dynamics, the addon  will assign the parents like it is assigned on the chain.

NB: You need to select an active bone for this mode too

NB2: if it doesn't work, you can always make a chain by selecting two bones of the chain, adding dynamics, repeat the process for the next two bones, and so on...

3/ Tweaking the physics:

once you add physics to a bone, a collection named BoneDynamics will appear on the outliner, you will find inside the objects that are connected to the bones, the objects have the same name as their respective bones, select the desired object and go to the phyiscs properties tab. You will find a soft body modifer that you can tweak to your liking 


  • If you want to remove physics from a bone, select the bone in pose mode and hit Remove Bone Dynamics on the addon. It will clean up the bone, and the bone object
  • The checkbox "Allow Bone stretching" on the addon will allow the bone to stretch and contract.
  • It's recommended that you add the bone physics on the first frame of your animation.
  • For making a seamless animation you should shift the start of your animation by at least 20 frames, Example: your animation length is 100 frames, it should start at 20 and finish at 120. When you are done with the animation set the baking from 0 to 120 frames. This way you will give time to the physics to settle before the animation starts.


  • 0.1.0:

-Initial release.

  • 0.1.1:

-Added the ability to pick the size of the object controlling the bone.


- Better errors handling.

- Naming collision bug fixed.

- Reactive UI  based on selection.

- Playback performance improvements.

  • 0.1.6

- Fixed a bad position Issue.

  • 0.1.7

- Fixed issue with foreign language.

- Presets added.

- UI update.

- Better Collision handling

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BoneDynamics Free : Bone physics for blender

133 ratings
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